Cycling styles

More and more people are switching from cars to bicycles. In this regard, for cycling, which already has dozens of cycling disciplines, a real "golden age" has come. In this article, we will talk about some of them:
Cross country, or cross-country driving. This is where most famous cyclists, and most unknown cyclists, started. Any bike with two wheels will do.
Downhill, or downhill from the mountain (from a hill, into a ravine, etc.). As can be judged from the name, this is an extreme sport, and here you can not do without a special bicycle – a strong, well-cushioned double suspension with disc brakes and at the same time weighing no more than 20 kilograms. You will also need protective bicycle equipment. Also carries a subspecies – double (paired) slalom – two people overcome 2 parallel mountain descents; who is first, that and in the "ladies".
Freeride. Combines the features of previous disciplines. Two suspensions of any configuration will do. The route of any, special training is not required – go and have fun.
Road racing. Actually, what comes to the mind of a simple man in the street when he hears about cycling. No explanation is required.
North Shore. A young extreme discipline is a symbiosis of freeride and a specially prepared track, through the construction of wooden structures, paths, bridges, trampolines and other things. A bicycle is any well-cushioned.
Uphill is the antithesis of downhill. It is required to drive uphill in the minimum time, that's all. The bike is as light as possible.
Trial, or riding with obstacles (competitions are often held on motorcycle tracks). Light bike and lightweight protective gear.
Dört. This style and trails and even a bike resembles a BMX. The whole way consists of double jumps (the so-called camels), before the first of them it is necessary to accelerate properly, while trying not to fly over the second; during the time while you are in the air, you can perform various tricks, the main thing is to keep the rhythm.
Street is another style reminiscent of BMX, the only difference is that when performing tricks (jumping from stairs, from walls, etc.) in the city, a mountain bike is used, and not a stunt.
Trail. It is the same cross-country, only on more comfortable bicycles with a smaller sports component. Ride for yourself to enjoy the beauties of nature.
Cyclo-cross is another subtype of cross-country, in which cyclists use only road or hybrid bicycles.
Bicycle tourism is one or multi-day trips, in which the main means of transportation is a bicycle, which is chosen based on the complexity of the route. A trunk is installed on the bike and the luggage carried is placed on it; also for these purposes use the steering wheel.
Biker-cross is a sports discipline on a fairly diverse track. At the same time, 4 people on mountain bikes take part in the race; the riders who took first and second place go to the next round.
Which cycling style should you choose? Most likely, it is simply worth trying each of them at least a little, and after that it will be much easier to make a decision. But do not forget that many of the above cycling disciplines require good physical training, and others can be too traumatic, so the choice should be approached very seriously. Good luck!