Benefits of Cycling in Winter

Cycling in the winter is nothing like riding in the warmer months. In front of you is a different road, completely different clothes, speed and dynamics of movement.
To your attention 15 advantages of riding in winter:
1. Absence of mosquitoes in winter;
2. Snow in winter is better than rain in summer;
3. Anything that can pierce a wheel hides under the snow in winter;
4. Snags, logs and other obstacles sprinkled with snow are not such a difficult task. Especially if you are not yet a professional in overcoming them;
5. Rubber wear in winter, on soft snow, is much less than in summer, on hard asphalt;
6. With enough snow in winter, the bike will clear the dirt itself, reducing the number of worries for its owner;
7. Heat in summer is worse tolerated than frost in winter. In winter, the problem of cold can be easily dealt with – just speed up the pace of driving. While in the summer it will only make your situation worse;
8. The need for drinking water disappears, since in winter thirst is much less painful;
9. If you have a really loving wife, then she simply will not be able to refuse you to buy expensive disc brakes, since ordinary brake pads in winter are extremely bad at their task;
10. Falling into the snow in the winter will be much less traumatic than falling on solid ground in the summer;
11. Even with a minor injury in the winter, there will always be something cold at hand to attach to the bruised area and relieve the pain;
12. The amount of adrenaline released when driving in the snow in the winter is much greater than when driving about the mud in the summer;
13. In winter, for example, fewer people walk in the forest. And since it gets dark early, no one will interfere with you to ride along the forest paths;
14. Dogs run worse in the snow in the winter than in the summer on the grass or mud;
15. Skiers are much easier to get around than pedestrians. And the speed of the cyclist is about 2 times higher than the speed of the skier.
These are not all the advantages of winter cycling. Of course, there are drawbacks. In winter, it is unrealistic to ride for a long time because of the low temperature, and the salt that is sprinkled on the roads will very quickly "ruin" your bike, unless of course you take measures to prevent this. And that's not all…