How to buy a motorcycle. Choosing a motorcycle. Country of origin and class of motorcycle, engine size

Each of us, once made his first step and bought a motorcycle. If we talk about my experience, it was very difficult and rich. Since I had to understand everything only on my mistakes. What kind of motorcycle do I need, how to choose it, where and how to buy a motorcycle, how one motorcycle differs from another. Unfortunately, at that time there was no Internet or decent literature. It was just beginning.

In the moto school column, I want to present a number of review articles that would help a beginner become a worthy biker in this difficult and absorbing community.

In this article, we will talk about the diversity of the motorcycle world. How do you figure it all out. There are many classifications of the model range, ways to divide motorcycles into groups.

Let's start with the simplest and most obvious. Country of origin.

As a rule, each country of manufacture, of course, if it is not a simple copying of the model, has its own fundamental differences in design approaches, the use of materials for the manufacture of parts and requirements for the motorcycle. The championship in the production of motorcycles today I would of course give to the country of the rising sun Japan.


Currently, this country produces the largest number of motorcycles, which have not only their own style, but also fundamental differences. The fundamental differences of Japanese motorcycles are primarily in their technological solutions, technical innovations and advanced developments. Among the brightest representatives of the moto of Japan are manufacturers of such brands as: Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki. Most of Japan's motorcycles are produced for the American market, and this affects their design. For example, motorcycles have the classic style of the old American biker school, often refining the exhaust to the beloved by all Americans Harley – Davidson.

Today there is such an opinion that the Japanese motorcycle is one of the highest quality and best motorcycles in the world. And it's not unfounded.

United States.

The country is the ancestor of the biker movement, fashion and impressive motorcycles. Represented in the world by two brands of motorcycles Indian and Harley – Davidson.

The first brand is characterized by its instability. Indian then comes to life, then dies. Owners are constantly changing. With the same periodicity, generating their models into the world. A distinctive feature of these motorcycles, they are already produced morally obsolete, but of high quality. Even if a new model is released, or only announced, it is already morally and technically outdated. Apparently, this fact does not allow this company to develop.

Harley – Davidson. An icon of American motorcycle construction. A classic American motorcycle, not even a motorcycle, but a textbook on marketing. The peculiarity of selling a motorcycle is that HD sells a lifestyle first and then a motorcycle. In this regard, the company makes the main sales on equipment, related products and, of course, tuning. For this motorcycle, the world's largest number of tuning parts is produced. The conclusion of such on this motorcycle can stand out.

Technical characteristics are more modest. Inch threads, non-standard parts, on some copies (according to the owners, part-time my friends and acquaintances) the heating of the rear cylinder on air engines, all this creates considerable hemorrhoids for the owners of these motorcycles in Russia. But Harley – Davidson water-cooled, this is an indisputable breakthrough, a motorcycle that in all respects can be called complete and refined. After all, the long-term experience of Harley – Davidson, has accumulated a lot of good and technical solutions.Fans and admirers of the brand see only the uniqueness and good sides of these cars. and they will prove that it is the best motorcycle in the world. And I can't, I can't agree with them. There is style and uniqueness in it.

Today HD produces several classes of motorcycles "custom", "street" "cruiser" and "tourer". The company in Russia develops official representative offices, service, makes a great contribution to the development of the motorcycle movement, for which special respect.


These are reliable, simple, high-quality and mega comfortable motorcycles. The founders of the Soviet motorcycle structure. The following manufacturers are represented on the market: Ducati, Agusta, BMW, KTM and many, many other brands that do not shine in prevalence and we will not review them. All classes of motorcycles are represented on the market. Each brand has its own unique history, style, traditions of moto building.


The diversity of manufacturers and brands goes through the roof of all imaginable and unthinkable boundaries of the mind. But, as a rule, this is a little cubic, cheap and not the highest quality equipment. The only plus of these motorcycles and spare parts is their cheapness. And if you calculate the cost of a motorcycle for its lifetime (the average duration of the full life cycle is 1.5 years), then this plus disappears somewhere. Available in all classes. Service and support is provided only by the owner of this machine.

Russia and its friends.

As a rule, it is represented by two brands: Ural, Minsk. No there are still a bunch of manufacturers. But they either don't breathe or they release something I don't want to review. In the article, I include those brands that, in my opinion, are now somehow represented on the market and are somehow developing. In the Urals, little has changed from the Soviet past. Brakes and cubes were added to the engine, the gear ratio in the gearbox changed slightly. Now, in addition to transporting 10 bags of potatoes, you can also ride on it.

Minsk has been technologically changed and even made not a bad mot, which may well compete with Honda from the same cubic line, which can not but rejoice. In general, Russia lacks a good manufacturer of high-quality and its own, native motorcycles.

Now let's look at the classrooms. What are and what are how to use.

There are several major classes of motorcycles and many subclasses. The main ones are:

minibike – simply put, a moped

Street City Motorcycle

enduro – off-road bike

chopper – a motorcycle made in the American style

sport bike – a sports motorcycle, often created for circuit racing

tourist – a heavy motorcycle designed for comfortable long-distance movements

strollers – all motorcycles with a side trailer

moto all-terrain vehicles – ATVs

cargo motor transport – motor-rickshaws, scooters

Let's consider each of them in more detail:

Minibike – There are two main subspecies in this category.

A pocket bike or pocket motorcycle, usually bought for fun, has the same philosophy as karting.

The moped, also known as a scooter, was created for the mass movement of the population (and not very expensive and mobile) across the expanses of our homeland. On them you can meet all categories of citizens, from a schoolboy to a grandmother. Fulfills its purpose by 100% sometimes even by 200. In caring hands, he becomes a long-liver. With bikers, this category of riders has nothing in common.

Street – this category is represented in two directions classic motorcycle and Street Fighter or street fighter.

A classic motorcycle is also loved by all categories of citizens, as a rule, it is bought consciously for movement from point A to point B or for city rides. Carries a semantic load: "To drive a lot, often and not far."

Street Fighter – as a rule, it is created from a sports motorcycle by removing plastic and all unnecessary fairings, installing a higher steering wheel, and hanging different tuning. It is used for urban rides of young people, acquaintance with girls and performance of aerobatics. Such a motorcycle lives for a long time, if it does not get into an accident.

Enduro. Represented by the two main subspecies of cross and tour enduro.

Cross – this type of motorcycle is used, as a rule, for sports races on rough terrain. It is characterized by the absence of any extra spare parts, including headlights, turns, brake light. The resource of the motorcycle is small and requires constant service.

Tour enduro is a motorcycle tourist of increased cross-country ability. An excellent motorcycle with a high service life. It is characterized by high ground clearance, direct landing, the presence of a large luggage compartment. He does not like high speeds. Perfect for driving on asphalt and rough terrain. It is found on all roads and very far from home.

Chopper. The most pontoon of all pontoon bikes. Designed for leisurely driving and attracting the attention of others. It is characterized by a low landing, a high rudder, forward-facing footrests, a powerful engine. Be sure to have a huge amount of chromium. As a rule, the owners of this type of motorcycle in the garage have other types of motorcycles. There are customs – motorcycles assembled to order and cruisers – motorcycles adapted for long trips. The latter have proven themselves well on the long-ranges.

Sport tourist. Motorcycles created for shooting or circuit racing. Recognized as the most dangerous transport injury. Excellent aerodynamic properties, a powerful engine, an abundance of plastic attract, as a rule, riders up to 30 years old. It is difficult to realize on it, because the bike asks for more and more speed. Landing on it is not the most convenient "embryonic". Without a habit, after 30 minutes you want to get off it, since further driving is comparable to the torture of inquisitors.

Kolyasych. Motorcycle with sidecar. As a rule, this is a heavy and powerful motorcycle. They are in demand all over the world, as you can ride children and go to nature. Used only by fans of this class.

QUAD bikes – used by hunters, fishermen and other outdoor enthusiasts. It will go where no tractor will reach. Very difficult to manage, runs only on rough terrain, and on asphalt it is practically uncontrollable. Although there are some representatives of the quadro community who, going to the highway, try to imagine a sportbike from an ALL-terrain vehicle. As a rule, there are very few such representatives, because they do not live long.

Motor rickshaws. They are used mainly in Asian countries, we rarely have a presence mainly in markets and retail space.

Other parameters

Having dealt with the classes of motorcycles, the country of the manufacturer and their requests for technology. It is necessary to determine the manufacturer and model of the motorcycle. There are a lot of manufacturers and to say that take this or this one would be at least stupid. To settle on something (of course, if you are a beginner, and do not yet know which company to give preference to), look at which brands of motorcycles in your region are the most common.  This will at least in the future relieve you of two headaches problem service and spare parts. Yes, and will allow you to more in-depth study the mechanics of the motorcycle with the help of new friends from the bike community. It will also not be superfluous to consult in salons for the sale of used motorcycles, and with friends. Never be afraid to ask questions, it can't look silly. Everyone starts and buys their first motorcycle. A lot of "stupid questions" + the Internet + accumulated personal knowledge will always help not only to understand what kind of motorcycle is needed, but also what problems you will have to face when buying this or that model of equipment. After all, do not forget that there are no perfect motorcycles, and everyone has factory sores that sellers and manufacturers will hide from you in every possible way.

When you know what type of motorcycle is needed and the brand is determined, the soul to the motorcycle lies, the inner voice says "I want, I want, I want" the question arises about the engine size. This is one of the most important questions. After all, it depends not only on how the motorcycle will ride, but also on how safe it will be for us. Each manufacturer has a certain line of volumes. On average, it is represented by 250 cc. – 1200 cc… People are guided by different principles. Someone bought 250 because it is cheaper, others because of the savings, someone took 1000 because of the traction, and someone because of the antlers. So how do you choose, you ask me?

Volume or cubic capacity.

In this situation, you can do the following, you need to take into account your physical data, driving experience of a motorcycle and the purpose of buying it. If you are a beginner biker, then in any case a 150 – 250 cc engine will suit you… I will reveal the advantages of such a purchase:

  1. Such a motorcycle is the cheapest in the model lineup, so if you drop it, fall or other troubles happen to it,.
  2. Repair of this device will be economical.
  3. The consumption is not great.
  4. High liquidity (it can always be sold to neighborhood boys who are just starting out)
  5. This technique will help you understand what you want from the motorcycle.
  6. Low injury hazard (The more powerful and faster the bike, the more likely the funeral).

From my own experience, I will say that the first motorcycle of a novice biker does not live to the next owner. Since this is a training model, and you learn not only to drive it, but to maintain and repair it. Plus, when a person rolls back for a while, he begins to think of himself as an experienced biker and that's where the jambs happen.

In the future, as a rule, this is the third, fourth season, you will understand which bike is acceptable for you.

So let's sum it up. We need a bike. There is a class, there is a brand, there is a model, there is a volume. We're starting to use the ads.

There are a lot of sites for the sale of motorcycles. There are just as many scammers who want to take your money. How to distinguish them?

First, the price of a motorcycle cannot be ultra low. I will tell you a secret: no one will sell a normal motorcycle for half the price, even if you really need money.

Secondly, the motorcycle must have live photos in real time.

Thirdly, ask the seller more about the motorcycle, pay attention to trifles, cats, scratches, oil spills. This will help you always understand if the seller and the motorcycle are real.

Take a friend with you to the meeting, even if he does not understand anything in motorcycles, he will help to form an opinion about the technique. But if of course if a friend is messing around in a moto.

Leave the money at home, at the first meeting you will not need them and do not rush at all when buying. It is better if you have made a decision to buy, with this decision to sleep.

Remember that the most weighted price is minus 10% of the average minimum price on the market for the sale of motorcycles for this model. How do I find out? Take the bottom four prices for this model, add it together and divide it by four. It turned out to be an average price. This price is objective.

Run. The most realistic mileage is the one that is confirmed by the auction list. Then you can add 5 – 10 thousand per year and get a real mileage. If there is no auction list, then there is no real mileage. Also, the mileage can be determined by the places of constant contact between the rider and the bike. These are footrests, knobs and switches on the steering wheel, a seat, a paint coating on the tank in the knee area.

Moto market.

And here is a meeting with the seller and the motorcycle, what you should pay attention to:

  1. Frame. It should not have traces of welding and fresh paint. Pay attention to the dents on the frame. The wheels should stand geometrically flat in relation to each other.
  2. Oil, liquids should not ooze and leak, sweat. Remember, all this will have to be eliminated.
  3. The steering wheel should be flat relative to the front wheel.
  4. Discs should be smooth, without dents and traces of editing.
  5. There should be no cracks on the rubber and the tread should be sufficient. Otherwise, it will have to be replaced.
  6. Brake discs should not have deep drawings. Brake pads must be at least 2 mm.
  7. Check the oil with a dipstick. It should not have any bubbles and films on it. It should be of uniform composition.
  8. Start the motor. The engine should start from the first time and within 3 seconds. When working, there should be no extraneous noises, grinding and sounds. If the engine is water-cooled, heat it to 95 degrees, its fans should work. The presence of boiling and steam indicates an urgent repair of the engine.
  9. Shut down and start the engine on hot, the start should take place quickly and without forcing. If the engine does not start the first time, this indicates its problems with the fuel system.
  10. Pay attention to the exhaust of the motorcycle. Its exhaust may have a slight bluish haze and this is normal. But no more than that.
  11. Check the tank for rust.
  12. Check the lighting equipment.
  13. Place the motorcycle on the center footrest and take turns hanging out the front and rear wheel. Turn them around and listen. The wheels should turn easily, without any backlash and wobbly, and also should not be clamped. The presence of grinding usually indicates dead bearings.
  14. Check the chain tension. The chain should not dangle or be stretched like a string. There should be a slight sagging of the chain. Pay attention to the tensioner. Its location indicates the remaining possibility of chain tension. Accordingly, the farther it is from the finish line, the better.
  15. Star. It is evaluated according to the principle, the sharper the tooth, the closer its death.

To summarize:

Before buying a motorcycle, you need to decide on the class, brand, model, cubic capacity. Study the information on the Internet about the selected motorcycle, visit a bunch of moto salons, forums, owners of this model and ask them a bunch of different questions about the mote. Find a few ads for the sale of a motorcycle, arrange a meeting, visit sellers, evaluate a copy and choose the right one for yourself. I hope that it is you who will come across a faithful iron friend who will serve faithfully and truthfully.