To work – by bike

It's a fashion to get to work… on a bike! And there are reasons for this: undoubted health benefits, savings on gasoline (in this case, the bicycle quickly pays off), as well as the envy of colleagues who earn a nervous breakdown, standing in traffic jams.
In the largest cities of our Immensity, they have already begun to build bicycle paths and parking lots (but the transportation of a bicycle in public transport, which is already terribly overloaded and inconvenient, is still a problem). Rather than waiting until such a miracle reaches your town, it is better to gather a small group of "comrades in misfortune" and submit a collective petition to the mayor's office, and then it all depends on your perseverance and initiative.
Another obstacle to the widespread introduction of the practice of cycling to and from work is the culture of driving. When a cyclist collides with a car, the former has a higher probability of injury or even death. A person on a bicycle is not respected by drivers when he rides on the roadway, nor by pedestrians when he is on the sidewalk.
Also a minus is the inconvenience of moving on a bicycle in a business suit. In the "West", this problem is solved in the workplace – by relaxations in the dress code, and at the city level – by the construction of sanitary parking lots, where you can leave a bicycle under protection and take a shower.
But the pros of this fashionable habit significantly outweigh the cons. Daily trips replace morning exercises, develop muscles, help burn fat and cope with stress.