Is it possible to lose weight by riding a bicycle?

When performing aerobic exercise, weight loss occurs due to the oxidation of fats that the body has accumulated. Cycling can serve as a great basis for this.
To maintain at least a minimal balance between the calories received and expended by the body, you should definitely adhere to a low-calorie diet. To obtain the desired effect (weight loss), it is worth observing the training rules described below.
Frequency of classes:
You should study every day. Since the duration and intensity of classes of this type are not large, the body will have time to recover by the next day. Only under the condition of frequent, regular exercises will you be able to notice the training effect. Of course, with bad weather and deterioration of the body, it is possible to skip classes. But even "critical days" in women should not serve as a reason for canceling classes, provided that the condition is satisfactory and there is no severe pain.
Daily number of classes:
1 time is enough. But in the presence of a sports past or excellent physical shape, you can practice 2 times a day, while you will receive only benefit. As for the time of one lesson, the bike ride should last one and a half to two hours. Only under the condition of a long training time, anaerobic processes begin, in which fats are oxidized and burned. Of course, when practicing a frequency of twice a day, the training time can be reduced to an hour and a half. But keep in mind that until such a time the classes should go gradually.
You should start with 15-30 minutes of training per day. Next, add about 5 minutes each day to your workout time. But if after the next added 5 minutes you feel that this is too much load for you (pain in the legs, rapid pulse), then do not change the previous training time for 2-5 days. If for a year or more you have been engaged in any active physical activity and feel that you are in good physical shape – you can start training with 60 minutes.
Ideal time for classes:
The time of classes is selected individually, depending on the personal preferences of each. If you are most active and full of energy at the beginning of the day – start cycling about an hour after eating (breakfast). On days with increased solar activity, it is not recommended to exercise after lunch, as there is a risk of sunburn, sunstroke or simply overheating. A great option is to work out in the evening. Calculate the time so that when you return from a walk, you will have dinner in 30-40 minutes.
Heart rate, or pulse:
When training aimed at weight loss, the pulse should fluctuate in the region of 120-150 heartbeats per minute, in other words, 20-25 contractions in 10 seconds. As time passes, you should determine the approximate heart rate while in motion, because if every 10 minutes you stop, get off the bike and check your pulse – the effect of training will be much less. If possible, the lesson should be held without pauses. Measure the pulse after the first 10 minutes of the session, half of the session and at the end of the workout. In order to save time, measure the pulse for 10 seconds.
We hope we were able to answer some of your questions and now you have no doubt that cycling for weight loss is suitable as well as possible.