Bajaj pulsar 200 ns – information, reviews, specifications

A light, affordable, and powerful enough motorcycle is a real find not only for those who want to start their motorcycle life but also for those who plan to use the bike for purely practical purposes.
A 200 cc road bike is usually bought as the first in life and then they ride it for many seasons in a row. Another option is as a “workhorse”, which can quickly overcome traffic jams with minimal fuel consumption. Both in the first and the second case, the purchase is based on rationality, but in the case of the Bajaj Pulsar NS200, not everything is so simple. He has a pretty strong emotional component.

Looks like an athlete

From a distance, the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 looks like a little athlete. Aggressive, and even somewhat defiant. But a more detailed review makes it clear that under this appearance there is not a fighter trained by trainers, but a street robber, for whom the result and a certain level of comfort are always more important than elegant manners.

The front suspension is simple – an ordinary “telescope” without any adjustments. At the back is an amortize, on which only the preload can be adjusted. The brakes on the front are also very simple: a bracket for two pistons, with usually non-reinforced trunks. There is a bracket with one piston at the back. There is no ABS beloved by beginners.

The fuel system is also a primitive, carburetor. But the designers got confused with inflammation. There are as many as three spark plugs installed on a single cylinder. Two of them work synchronously (from one coil), and the third has a separate ignition coil.

The clutch drive is conventional, cable-type. It is the clutch that is also quite traditional, in an oil bath. But six gears and a high-quality oil seal drive chain installed from the factory are already good arguments in the segment of affordable motorcycles. The same can be said about stock rubber. She will cope with her duties on the asphalt very well.


A rider with a height of 178 cm and a weight of almost 90 kg is comfortable behind the wheel. Straight fit, no need to stretch anywhere, the seats are quite wide and allow you to move back and forth, changing your posture. The only exception is the suction lever, which is hidden somewhere under the seat. You can only get to it by touch, well, you don’t need it often.
The backlit remotes are striking. This is the norm for premium segment motorcycles (for example, KTM), so it’s very nice to meet this on an affordable Bajaj. Mirrors are easily adjustable and almost devoid of vibrations, but they are located close enough to each other. This is good for driving between rows, but it forces the driver to move the body a little so that he can see in them not only his shoulders.

The passenger, 176 cm tall and weighing about 60 kg, did not complain about the comfort of landing. The only claim was related to the passenger’s footrests, which do not have a rubber coating. Shoes with hard soles slip on them.

In use

The sound of the single-cylinder engine is somewhat similar to the KTM Duke 200 And the character of the engine is calmer on the move. If the Duke 200 provokes a dynamic drive, then the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 is full of poise against its background.

The suspension quite adequately copes with the vast majority of defects of Ukrainian roads. However, when you are traveling with a passenger, the rear motor begins to punch. It’s not surprising, because the combined weight of the pilot and passenger is about 150 kg. For such conditions, it would not be superfluous to increase the preload. The stock of adjustments is quite enough.

The front brakes perform the functions assigned to them well, but with intensive braking by the front brake, the softness of the front suspension is felt – the fork is too easily compressed, this is the price for comfort and “omnivorous” suspension. The rear brake mechanism works very well – it is easy to dose the force on it and the deceleration is quite predictable.

The dynamics, for a carburetor motorcycle of such a cubic capacity, are very decent. I was also pleased with the elasticity – for a vigorous acceleration, it is not necessary to turn the engine until the cut-off, it goes well already from three thousand revolutions. For calm driving – what you need.

The gearbox works clearly, but it seems that the sixth gear is here only to save fuel. The maximum speed of 130 km per hour is reached in the fifth gear, and on the sixth, the engine cannot spin up to maximum rpm. This selection of gear ratios is very successful from a practical and economic point of view. Fuel consumption in any mode is no more than three liters per hundred.

User Reviews

A motorcycle is ideal for a beginner. I ride Bajaj Pulsar NS myself for the first season, my first motorcycle. I’ll add a spoonful of tar to a barrel of honey. After the salon, the panel rattled, and disassembly of the right cheek helped, there was a screw that was not pressed. I also almost lost the bolt, which is behind the scenes of the gearbox foot. Well, regarding the fuel level indicator: if you drive to the bottom of the tank, it is better to put a tap on the reserve, or else there are inadequate fuel level indicators on the panel. I drove a Bajaj Pulsar NS in a mini “long way” 300 km approximately, the fifth point was crying a lot. In all other respects, I am happy with him. On a good road, I drive it 95-100 km/h, overtaking 110 was 120. From 95 km / h, acceleration dynamics are unexpectedly good, in the interval of 4500-6500 rpm, a failure in traction is felt.

Review 2

I have a Bajaj Pulsar NS 200, which I bought on July 26, 2018, I have never encountered any problems with this motorcycle, it is quite simple and reliable. Externally, Bajaj Pulsar NS looks muscular and collected. There are vibrations (only between 5-6 thousand revolutions). The headlights of the Bajaj Pulsar NS are very powerful, and if you move around a lot at night, you can install Philips Bluevision lamps. Power, design, 6 gears, liquid-cooled engine – a real find for its cost. My motorcycle showed the following consumption – for 1 liter I can drive 38-40 km in the city and about 48-50 on the highway.

Review 3

I like the look of the Bajaj Pulsar NS, except for the back, which is not very proportional. I made sure that the engine is good, but not very refined. The sixth gear is very good, especially on the highway, where it is necessary to maintain cruising speed. I liked the seat, it’s nice, not hard and not soft. But the vibrations from the engine are perfectly transmitted through it and they are too high. The tank is too high from the seat level, which I don’t like. The suspension of the Bajaj Pulsar NS is quiet, it copes well with irregularities, but is a little harsh. As for the triple spark plug, I don’t see much effect from this, and it’s just an additional expense when the spark plug fails. Overall, I didn’t feel anything remarkable about the Bajaj Pulsar NS 200.

Review 4

The motorcycle itself is very comfortable, but for those with a height of no more than 172, it will be small for everyone else. Technically it works like a watch, it is not whimsical, in general, it is simple, but at the same time, the quality of details is in the golden mean. Not China, but not Austria either. There is enough for the city completely, acceleration, overtaking, control, brakes, everything is very convenient and enough with your head, along the highway at a distance of 100 km no more. Landing does not provide comfort for the route. More pluses- the consumption and thrust of the engine reduced, even 2 thousand pulls, although it is harmful to the engine, the consumption is 3 liters and 92 Benz. Handling, brakes, quality of parts of the main components. Also, plus the work of the box, the gears gently turn on and switch, but there’s also an additive, molybdenum gives its buns. Cons – 6 gears first really nothing to talk about. It would be better to slightly change the gear ratio and put 5 gears, in the city you have to constantly put +3 gears then minus 3 gears! Also minus the footrests – very fragile a little fall immediately pricks and flies away. According to the hinged, everything else is normal for your money. The front fork is + normal, but not for off-road driving, the rear shock absorber is also, and by the way, with a weight of 85 kg, it is really difficult to adjust it, no matter what I asked for and was -+ soft. If we compare it with the rest of the cells in this cubic capacity and price segment, this is the best option – price- quality, and operation. China is not a head lower next to it. Although outwardly there are representatives who look great, but I repeat the quality is better

Review 5

Previously, in my life, I have never heard of this brand of motorcycles, nor about the model, especially. Our acquaintance happened quite unexpectedly for me. I work in a motorcycle shop and they brought it to us for sale. When I saw it and sat on it, my first thought sounded something like this:”some very good Chinese. Well done Chinese, they began to produce something good!”. No, the motorcycle does not have the spirit of the Chinese motorcycle industry, its name just made me think that it was Chinese, and the cubature of only 200 cm3 somehow did not sound impressive (which I later made a mistake about). But, then our manager named Andrey informed me that this is a good Indian, with a KTM engine and is going to the Kawasaki factory (by the way, in Brazil it is sold exactly as the kawasaki pulsar). Honestly, these two brands, for some reason, are associated, personally for me, with a kind of madness, which actually made me fall in love with this motorcycle. The first day I didn’t get off it. He kept sitting on it, feeling something, poking buttons, in short, behaved like a child who was given to sit on a motorcycle) I came home in the evening, sat down to eat, and realized … and he doesn’t get out of my head! The next morning I woke up with the idea that I should take it! And three days later, he was already registered with me, which I was incredibly happy about! 🙂 I asked the former owner to drive him to the parking lot near my house (I can ride a motorcycle, I just didn’t want to fall on it on the first day). I got up the next morning at five cheers (It was the easiest climb at five in the morning in my life) and decided to get used to the motorcycle a little. I didn’t expect it to be so easy and simple! An hour later, I did not particularly deny myself that I would unscrew the throttle handle to the full, and here, perhaps, the biggest surprise occurred. He’s coming! Of course, now any owner of equipment with a normal engine capacity will just laugh, but then I almost fucked up. I expected anything from 200 cubic meters, but there is no such acceleration … Purely for comparison, I will say that it accelerates faster than Volkswagen or Skoda with a 1.8T engine (It was tested in “racing” with my father, he was just on a car with 1.8 t). Hell, show me at least one more of the modern motorcycles, with a similar cubic capacity, which will accelerate like that, except for the Duke 200, of course. Up to 120, he accelerates very briskly, after 120-130 it is already noticeable that it is difficult for him to accelerate. Believe it or not, but I accelerated him to 159km/h, this is according to his speedometer, which could well be lying. But, sooner or later, the motorcycle will have to be stopped. And then the Brembo brakes are installed, which is why I fucked up myself! Brembo on an Indian motorcycle! Honestly, there is nothing to compare with, I can only say that they are enough for the weight behind his eyes. I have never felt any sluggishness or uncertainty in the brakes. There were even moments when I thought they wouldn’t be enough, but they did a wonderful job and braked the bike exactly where I wanted. There is nothing more to say about the brakes, I am completely satisfied with them. The maneuverability of the motorcycle is also excellent. Maneuvers from side to side are not difficult. I’ve heard the phrase “rolls like a bicycle” several times, and honestly, I don’t know what these people are talking about, but I can say about my motorcycle that it rolls with the power of thought 🙂 There were moments when I was driving right behind the car and it started to brake sharply, so it was not difficult to change the trajectory of the motorcycle.
The landing of the motorcycle is quite comfortable. With my average height of 183, I felt comfortable. The build quality of the motorcycle is also quite good. Nothing rattles, no cracks, no bolts have fallen out, although the motorcycle has already passed 15500. Plastic also does not look like cheap, so I will say, compared to the Chinese, like heaven and earth. There is even a backlight on the handles! In analogy with what Clarkson said, yes, there is not even such a thing on a liter honda siber! I was already falling on a motorcycle when I was training on the playground, the arcs saved the plastic. Although God knows, whether they put their standard or not. The last owner was a fan of the Dalnyaks and relatively installed a lot of things.
Now for the disadvantages. Personally, the only thing I didn’t like was that the broadcasts were too short. Of course, designers and engineers are smarter than me and not morons came up with this engine, but I would like the transmission to be longer, and on the other hand, I require 200 cc. For all the time I’ve been driving, only the clutch cable has broken, well, I wouldn’t call it a serious breakdown. In Ukraine, you can get it in 2 days. I also heard that the first motorcycles of this model had a switchboard burning, and it’s so complicated here, all because of those 3 candles per cylinder. And here’s about these candles! Why are there so many of them, etc.? All for less expense. The stated consumption is something about 2.4 l/100, I don’t remember to be honest. The real consumption that I had when I constantly unscrewed it before the cutoff was around 3 liters! Maybe a little more. But it’s only 3 liters per hundred! For the first time, it didn’t fit in my head. I’m used to driving to the numbers 9-12 in the city, and there are only three!
The biggest drawback of this motorcycle, I think, is that you quickly get used to this cubature and the fact that it is so good. Yes, yes, it is good! I fell in love with mine with all my heart and soul. I wouldn’t even be confused by the volume of its engine, it’s quite enough for the city, but I just understand that I want some kind of supermoto, like DRZ400SM. This is why this motorcycle causes me very great suffering. I love him, but on the other hand, I want a different class of motorcycles, and the sale of my “moped” makes me feel sad. But if you have a soul only for the road and there is no desire to ride on a warm summer day in the woods, then this motorcycle is perfect, especially if you are a beginner.