Bmw K 1200 RS – Motorcycle Review

Every biker, when thinking about buying a motorcycle, asks the question: "What kind of motorcycle to buy?", How is one bike different from another?, Which motorcycle is better?. In short, the biker is interested in how to choose a motorcycle. For this purpose, there are reviews that are presented to your attention. In them, I try to reveal the essence of a particular model as much as possible. And so meet:

BMW K 1200 RS

Hello motorcycle brothers and motorcycles!
Today on review the legend of the Bavarian motorcycle industry, the mighty brick or BMW K 1200RS 2004 release.
• Number of cylinders — 4
• Number of valves per cylinder — 4
• Engine capacity — 1171 cc.
• Rated power – 130 hp (8750 rpm)
• Fuel consumption per 100 km at speed – 90 km / h 4.9 l
• Acceleration 0-100 km / h – 3.7 sec
• Maximum speed – 240 km / h
• Weight – 285 kg
• Fuel tank capacity – 19 l reserve 4 l
• Super allowed fuel (with an octane number of 95)
I will say right away that I got one of the well-preserved copies brought from Japan with a fairly modest mileage of 42,000 km for a sports tourist. on it by accident, in the process of searching for live TDM. For about a year I was looking for a worthy iron friend and A lot of equipment was viewed, several trips to Moscow to view copies found in advance on the Internet. But that's not the case…. Somewhere the horse is old and battered, somewhere the soul does not lie to it, somewhere the seller did not like it and here is the case. I sit once again on the Internet watching iron horses and about God the case is alive, alive of all the living, the cherished TDM and the price and the year and the view suits everything. Call…. Alo…. We talked, discussed it will come to Novosibirsk in a week. Without hesitation I pack my things take the money and go for the dream. Arriving in Novosibirsk, I found the seller's cherished company, deposit, contract and waiting in a week. Just in time, my phone rang: "Your motorcycle has arrived, you can pick it up." Hurrah!!!!

Taxi and here I am. TDM stands and sparkles and waits for me. Handsome. Undoubtedly. I walked around, sat down, tried on. Yeah, that's him. But bad luck is next to something also interesting, but who is it. I went and looked at the brick and in what condition. I used to read a lot of good things for them. I sat down to try on, and what is convenient. Direct landing and in case of a quick shot to lie on the tank option, the trunks are good you can fold all my things and space remains. The rider's wind protection is decent. Shall we? That's the keys, the start button and the sound of dropsy in 1200 bribed. Quickly recounted, we make out and voila it is mine. The start button, the box, the gas and he carried me, you can say picked me up and carried me. The bottoms are like any BMW without complaints. The barrier brake, maybe we weren't driving, but I thought we were standing. Interestingly, I didn't even realize how I stopped. Pleased.
First exit to the road. Carefully and sneakily. I'm standing in a row, cork. The dimensions seem large, but after 15 minutes I'm the king of the row spacing even with tourist trunks. You can talk a lot and well for the suspension, but telelever speaks for itself. I note that it has never been broken. The brakes are unparalleled in the city with 80 km / h as if standing. Then a section of the track. In terms of quality, as elsewhere, we fly somewhere sick. But here he showed himself, so to speak, he opened himself completely. Smoothness of the ride, stability can only be envied. He carries the rider cheerfully, at ease, swallowing all the errors of the road. A huge mass of the motorcycle, and it weighs far beyond 250 kg, disappeared somewhere. There was a feeling of flight and lightness. Constantly asks for more. And here it is. Hello didn't wait. A pit that will hide me and the motorcycle. Adrenaline splash full brake and o miracle hydraulics with electric power steering plus an automatic force distribution system with integrated ABS fairy tale. On the highway at 150 km / h slows down or a full stop even without effort on the brake machine. With two fingers. Admirably. But before braking, there was a bad idea. Bravo BMW. I stopped catching my breath and on my way. Further travel revealed all the delights of a six-speed gearbox. The gear ratio to this motor is ideal. Unpaved, broken track or city up to fourth gear is perfect. Track 5.6 and went or flew.
In general, we got to the loading point cheerfully. I loaded it into a truck because I did not dare to go to the blizzard on a moto and sent it to the place of winter parking. And then winter, so we are looking forward to spring and planning a trip to the Caucasus.