Royal Enfield 500 motorcycle review

Every biker, when thinking about buying a motorcycle, asks the question: "What kind of motorcycle to buy?", How is one bike different from another?, Which motorcycle is better?. In short, the biker is interested in how to choose a motorcycle. For this purpose, there are reviews that are presented to your attention. In them, I try to reveal the essence of a particular model as much as possible. And so meet:

Royal Enfield 500 review

On one of the next walks through the motorcycle stores, in order to see new products, I found a city motorcycle Royal Enfield 500. This is an honest handsome man, as I thought at that time English, but then the seller corrected, Indian production, immediately caught my eye and attracted my attention. Such a car, I thought, would not merge in a crowd on our roads. So, meet:

Royal Enfield
• Number of cylinders – 4
• Number of valves per cylinder – 2
• Air
cooling • Engine capacity – 499 cc.
• Power system – Keihin
electronic fuel injection system• Ignition system – electronic
• Starting system – electric starter, kick – starter.
• Drive – chain
• Weight – 178 kg
• Gearbox – 5 stage.
• Fuel capacity 13,5/2,5

When you see it for the first time, it's impossible to pass by. There are those charming notes and English style, the design of the old biker school (of which I am a fan), which are lost in modern motorcycle construction. So to speak, the style and grace in its smooth forms are reflected everywhere: from the engine and gas tank to the brake pedal and instrument panel.

The motorcycle is all made of honest iron. Except on the steering wheel, plastic can not be found. In its simplicity and honesty, it resembles a standard scoop bike (I want to say that the quality of the parts of the motorcycle is made with a good margin of safety and quite qualitatively), only with additions for today in the form of an electric starter, an injector and a side footrest. The front wheel is also equipped with a single-disc brake, the rear – a drum. Multi-plate cable clutch.

The dashboard is equipped with indicators for turning on the light, turns, neutral, fuel control lamp and fuel system error sensor. In general, everything that is needed for life. Modest and angry.
I would like to note a fairly decent light. The lighting equipment is represented by one large headlamp with built-in gauge, rear brake light with gauge and direction indicators.
The controls on the steering wheel for me are quite clear and intuitive, which does not cause questions and complaints. Landing, like any classic motorcycle, is straight and comfortable, plus the small weight of this car is quite comfortable for a rider of any build and weight (well, of course, within reason). Although with my complexion 196 height and 100 weight it seemed to me, it was too small, reminded "Minsk" or "Voskhod". In the landing, I want to note the presence of a large seat, which, undoubtedly, captivates and somehow I do not want to get off it anymore. Very comfortable motorcycle. The cost of this device with further study of such offers on the market ranges from 7300 to 9300 evergreen money, although I did not notice the availability of options for complete sets. Not a little, I thought, but if you evaluate all the proposals of Chinese and Japanese motorcycle construction, it turns out very well. Today, proposals for a more or less adequate China, which you can look at and not cry, start from $ 2700, and the Japanese, of course new, start from $ 11,000. It's in the middle, and it's pretty good.

It was at this point that the idea of writing a review arose. But for a full review, you need to test it, I thought. Searching for a suitable motorcycle center and I on the test (although truncated, in the parking lot of the motorcenter).

So, what's on the road? The test was scheduled three days later. And at the appointed time, I stand in the motorcycle center and wait … The manager came up, took the receipt (on the principle of dropped – bought) and there he was. Sit down and go. Let's start with the main thing, the kick starter, yes, it is, since the moth, in my opinion, should start, as they say, with a half-kick. So what… It works, the injector does its job. The sound is pleasant and smooth, like a piano. We sit down, let's go… Acceleration dynamics is minimal, or rather, it does not exist at all. The motorcycle begins to accelerate slowly and impressively, telling you immediately and openly "We are not in a hurry." Let's go further, the box is confident and clear, of course, with the Honda (in my opinion, this is the standard in motorcycle boxes) it can not be compared, but on a 10-point scale I put 6. The speeds turn on smoothly, without any effort, the gear ratio is selected competently (although I reached the third speed). The engine works well at the bottom and middle, just what is needed in a city motorcycle. I was never able to evaluate the tops, due to the limited track. But with my few attempts, I thought he didn't like them. I could be wrong, though. The suspension works perfectly, swallowing bumps in the form of cracks in the asphalt, two pits and one speed bump. Although my not low weight and "recumbent" make the suspension work at the limit, but this is a classic. Fifteen minutes of test drive flew by. While riding it, I got carried away with this motorcycle as much as my first motorcycle at the age of 15 fascinated me. I'll admit, I didn't expect that from him. The lightness of the motorcycle and a comfortable fit, enthusiasm for the novelty did their job. Summing up the above, it can be noted that this car is made for everyday city driving, or a novice rider.