X1 by Schiller Sports – pedalo on

Schiller Sports release X1 at a claimed speed of 16 km/h

Many of us will never be able to walk on water, but it has become possible to ride on it. The new X1 from Schiller Sports is a pedal-equipped boat on two pontoons, on which you need to sit, pedal and turn the steering wheel, as on a regular bicycle.

The X1 is controlled by two racks attached to the steering wheel. It weighs 20.4 kg and can be unfolded to fit in the trunk of the car, the company assures.

Fans of the same speed and inner hub will appreciate the belt transmission from Belt, which is great for cycling in the water.

The frame is made of stainless anodized aluminum with stainless steel parts. Pontoons do not deflate.

"If you can ride a regular bike, then you can ride a Schiller X1 wherever there is water," says founder and CEO Judah Schiller. "I tried to swim a mile from shore on the beach and ended up pedaling next to the dolphins."

Schiller said the X1 could reach a speed of 16 km/h.

Schiller was asked about who would buy such a bike with a retail price of $ 6495. "Given that the planet is two-thirds covered in water, the potential market is quite large," he replied. "Since the launch in August, our customers are cyclists and water sports enthusiasts who want to get the opportunity of a fun, adventurous bike ride on the water."