Wolf Tooth Components Introduces 1-Speed OO Star and 50T 1X Star

Considering how 1x transmissions became popular on mountain and cross bikes, road riders could not stay away for long. For those looking for a good option for their next road or gravel build, Wolf Tooth has created the 50t Drop-Strop.Wolf Tooth put their 50t star and 11-40 cassette tape on the Salsa gravel bike with their GC adapter. Along with the new star, Wolf Tooth enters the single-speed asterisk market and presented its first example at the Interbike exhibition.

While not practical for most road racers, gravel road enthusiasts or those looking for a simple lightweight setup might be interested in the new 50T Drop Stop 110. Using the same anti-chain technology as on the rest of its projects, the star is suitable for standard highway systems.

Given the weight of the 122g star, the total weight should be reduced, as on other 1x transmissions, by removing the front switch and cable. Available will be 50t and 52t, as well as 110 and 130 BCD for $79-90.

The company presents two models of sprockets made of aluminum and stainless steel 416. Available in 16th, 18th, 20th and 22nd stars use a standard serrated profile.

Both models have a wide base so as not to damage the hub and ensure a safe connection. Aluminum sprockets will be sold for $ 40 in black, while steel ones will not be painted and will cost $ 60.

Wolf Tooth also continues to expand its range of tools with the new Light Weight Lock Ring Tool. Made entirely of lightweight aluminum, the tool is a key for the carriage and a hexagon in which it will be possible to fix various tools with magnets. Steel inserts such as a lock nut wrench will snap in the right place.

The tool weighs 108g with a steel insert, making it an ideal choice for those who fly with their tools or those who do not want to carry a very heavy box. An aluminum tool will cost $33, and a small steel cassette insert will cost an additional $16.