Raleigh Misceo – premium electric bike

As part of the Accell Group, the Raleigh team has access to a variety of electric bikes. Along with Raleigh, Currie Technologies, Haibike, IZIP, and eFlow are under the same roof. Because of this relationship, it was easy for Raleigh to try a few of his electric bikes in the United States. After confirming your expectations with entry-level hybrids, it's time to move on.

Misceo isn't Raleigh's first electric bike, but it's definitely the most advanced. One of the first bikes in the States to use the Shimano Steps electric bike powertrain, misceo will hit the company's lineup as their top model. However, thanks to the Shimano system, Misceo will not be as expensive as bicycles equipped with Bosch. Technically a 2016 model, the Misceo is the chance to buy the future that Raleigh gives you.

If we talk about the differences between the Shimano Steps and the Bosch transmission, then an attractive detail of the Shimano for raleigh is that the Shimano is well known to everyone in the world of the bicycle industry. Instead of the risk of partnering with a company not known in the bike market, Shimano's system seems like a less intimidating platform for dealers just starting to trade e-bikes. And the fact that the Steps are lighter and combines with Di2 transmissions will definitely help the cause.

Using alfine Di2's planetary 8-speed hub, Misceo offers an interesting mix of technology. Riders will have the ability to control the entire system through the user interface without the need to remove their hands from the grips. Each side of the steering wheel received its own "switch", which includes three buttons: 2 gray and 1 black. By pressing the up and down arrows on the remote control, the gray buttons allow the cyclist to shift gears or reduce and lower electrical support. Due to the fact that the system uses the same wired Etube platform as other Di2 transmissions, the switch can be moved from one side of the steering wheel to the other, allowing for customization. At the moment, both black buttons have the same function – scrolling through the user interface on the display, although in the future they will be able to turn on and off the built-in backlight. All the basic data of the electric bike will be shown on the display located in the center, and in addition to this you will see the gear turned on, thanks to the Di2 system.

Both Misceos at the presentation came complete with prototypes of the Steps system, but they worked quite well. The Di2 transmission gives an added bonus – shifting 2 gears down when stopping in more than 5 seconds. Slightly smaller and more compact than the Bosch motor, steps allows you to install a star of normal size – in this case, the 38t.

Speaking of electric bikes, it's important to mention that the Misceo doesn't have a choke. You pedal and he goes. Don't spin? Then stand. With a 36-volt 250-watt center motor, misceo will provide varying levels of pedaling support up to 20 mph. A little faster and the motor will turn off, thereby leaving you without support. A rechargeable and removable battery is claimed to provide 25 to 35 miles of support depending on conditions.

Made as a hybrid with 700x40s tires, misceo should be suitable for anyone looking for a fitness bike. Eventually, Raleigh plans to create a complete set of accessories for the Misceo, but at the moment it only has mounts for the rear trunk and mounts for the wings. Available in 4 sizes, the Raleigh Misceo will sell for $3,000 and will be available in April 2015.