Fatbike Fyxation Blackhawk – carbon bike

Fyxation originated in Milwaukee along with the fix. However, they never rode on the asphalt. Winters can be very snowy and harsh in the great white north, so they switched to mountain bikes to ride in the winter in the snow.

The Blackhawk is a carbon fatbike with a 197mm rear, and it can ride on either 26×5-inch or 29×3-inch tires.

And even though the Blackhawk looks like a fatbike, the guys at Fyxation call it an all-season trail bike, and they ride it all year long.

Fyxation doesn't try to hide the fact that the Blackhawk is made from a stock frame that the Asian supplier offers. A 4-pound frameset is a great starting point for setting up a good group of parts, and that's what makes this bike with an all-carbon frame and fork, Raceface connecting rods, tubeless rims, Surly Nate tires, and Hayes hydraulic brakes worth $2795. It is also available as a frameset at a price of $ 1795.
The bushings are also made by Fyxation themselves with a 150mm clearance at the front, so the bike is compatible with the Bluto without replacing any parts. The bushings can be obtained in the assembled Sun Mulefut rims for $550, which is also a stock wielset that comes with the bike. Despite the origin of the frame, all the details are sorted, including the front and rear through axles, modern geometry with a 69.5-degree tilt of the steering tube and 2 different graphics options.

Frame Specification:

• Frame: full carbon frame Fyxation Blackhawk – 1360g
• Rear clearance: 197mm with 12mm through axis (stud included)
• Fork: fully carbon Fyxation Blackhawk fork – 455g
• Front clearance: 150mm with 15mm through axis (stud included)
• Tire clearance: 26×5.0" or 29×3.0"
• Shock absorber compatibility: yes, 100mm recommended
• Carriage body: 100mm ISO threaded
• Disc brake mounts: Post mount
• Internal cable
wiring• Steering column: Integrated 42mm / 52mm
• Seat pin diameter: 31.6mm
• Seat pin clamp: 34.9mm
• Replaceable rooster
• Frame size: 15, 17, 19" (from carriage to top pipe top)

Bike Specification:
• Frame: Fyxation Blackhawk Full Carbon Frame – 1360g
• Plug: Full Carbon Fiber Fyxation Blackhawk – 455g
• Rear Rebar: SRAM X9 Type 2
• Front Reclub: SRAM X7• Switches: SRAM X7
• Connecting Rods: Race
Face Turbine Cinch, Direct Mount Cinch Spider with Stars 22/36t
• Handlebar: Race Face Evolve 3/4" Riser Bar
• Handlebar Extension: Race Face Evolve 70mm, 84/96mm
• Grips: Answer Stein
• Seatpost: Race Face Ride XC
• Saddle: Fyxation Pilot, black
• Brakes: Hayes Prime Comp, 160mm rotor
• Bushings: through Fyxation Blackhawk
• Rims: Sun-Ringle Mulefut 80SL, can be used without cameras
• Spokes: Wheelsmith stainless spokes, black
• Tires: SurlyNate 26 x 3.8"
• Pedals: Fyxation Gates, black