Pivot LES Fat – universal fatbike

Pivot recently announced the signing of freeride star Aaron Chase. Therefore, of course, the first bicycle that the company introduced with the athlete is a fatbike. Pivot LES Fat isn't just a fatbike, it seems to fit anything you can add "fat" to.

At the moment, you can count on your fingers the options that are really universal, but how many of them will be able to fit the four different standards of wheel sizes? Pivot assures that 26 x 3.8, 26 x 4.8, 27.5+ and 29+ wheels and tires can be used on LES Fat without geometry changes. Add to this the ability to use a rigid and shock-absorbing fork, 1x, 2x or even a single-speed transmission, internal wiring for a telescopic seat pin and get a serious contender for the title of super fatbike.

On paper, LES Fat has everything you could want from an aggressive, trail-oriented fatbike. Using the patented Pivot Hollow Core internal forming technology, LES Fat combines an all-carbon frame and a rigid fork. LES Fat has taken an aggressive stance, rooted in les hardtail. The profiles of the top pipe and top feathers remain thin to improve ride quality, which contrasts with the massive lower half of the bike.

The use of various wielsets on a fatbike is no longer a novelty, but the presence of a bicycle specially designed taking into account all wheel sizes is unique. To make the LES Fat compatible with all 4 wheel sizes, one of the main features is the patented Swinger II dropout system. Most fatbikes will accommodate 29+ wheels and tires, but wider diameters will raise the carriage and front end. To counter this, when you pull swinger II dropouts back, the carriage drops down. This adjustable arch also allows you to adjust the length of the lower feathers when using fatbike wheels and makes it possible to drive a single-speed transmission.

After loosening the two anchor bolts on the driven side and three on the non-driven side, dropout adjustments are easily done with adjustment bolts on each side. The size of the rear axle is 197×12 and there is no eccentric used.

A subsequent adjustment capability is built into the front end of the bike – each frameset and each bike in the assembly is shipped with 2 separate steering column cups. Again, 29+ wheels and tires or shock absorber forks with fatbike tires are lifted in front of the bike. To allow taller builds while still using rigid forks and smaller wheel and tire sizes, there is a Zero Stack and an 18mm cup option. Zero Stack is used for higher shock absorber plugs and assemblies with 29+, while everything else – rigid 26 x 3.8-4.8" and 27.5+ will be used with an 18mm cup.

Fans of replacements will also be happy to see the 150mm carbon fiber plug from Pivot. Assembled with a 150x15mm axle, the tapered fork is fully compatible with the RockShox Bluto, so cyclists will only need one wheel to change back and forth.

Further attention to detail is highlighted by the use of the PF132 carriage and the system co-designed with the E*thirteen. It will come with assembled bikes that have received what Pivot calls the "optimized Q-factor." Usually, a frame compatible with a 5-inch tire has a system designed with a perfect chain line, but the connecting rod Q factor is designed for frames with only 4-inch tires.

Using the Shimano Sidewall low profile mount type, the frame is compatible with 2x, 1x and single speed. The full length of the internal cable wiring for all the switches, brakes and telescopic seat post is arranged with the new Pivot Cable Port System, which was recently introduced with the new Mach 4. An additional feature is three bottle holders and a mount for the rear trunk, while there are no mounts on the fork.


• Fits all fat/plus wheel sizes (26 x 3.8, 26 x 4.8, 27.5+ and 29+) with Swinger II dropout system, no geometry
changes• Fully carbon fiber frame with patented internal forming
system• Optimized structure with thin top feathers and top pipe for long driving and comfort, as well as the widest bottom pipe in class
• System Full internal wiring via Pivot Cable Port System
• Optimized straight Q-factor
design • Bikes in assembly includes a specially created in collaboration with E-Thirteen system for fatbikes
• Wide carriage PF132 for light weight, wear resistance and ease of maintenance
• Compatible with 2x, 1x and single speed
• 197mm rear and optimized design give enough space for snow, dirt and sand
• Designed by Pivot carbon plug with 150m seat
• Compatible with RockShox Bluto
• Includes 18mm steering column and Zero Stack cups for geometry
adjustments• Compatible with Shimano Sideswing
front reclub• Rear rack
mounts• Telescopic seat pin compatibility• 3 bottle mounts

• Wear-resistant rubberized protection for bottom feathers
• Dimensions S, M, L for cyclists from 5'6" to 6'4"
• Available in assembly ($4699 in X01 build) or as a frame with fork ($2599)