Intense Spider 275 – bike

Intense has finally pulled back the curtain so we can see their newest version of the Spider trail bike. The 2015 Spider 275 looks playful and is a short-stroke aluminum trail bike.

The move to the current standard wheel size is an obvious change, but the Spider 275's frame has also undergone changes in suspension and geometry that now resemble fellows with a longer stroke.

Above the carriage you will now find a spring that is positioned to allow Intense to keep the length of the lower feathers at 419mm. At the reverse end of the feathers, the shock absorber can be positioned to give 115mm or 130mm of travel.

The parameters of the front center of the frame have been stretched to fit the current stocky steering wheel extensions, and the tilt of the steering tube is 67 degrees – quite small for a bike with a 13mm stroke, but not excessively. The angle of the seat pipe is comfortable for climbing 75.5 degrees – another advantage of the new location of the spring.

The Spider in the $3,000 Foundation Build Proves You Can Get Intense Without Going Bankrupt

The Spider includes all the standards and lotions you might expect from an Intense bike, including a 142x12mm rear axle, a bottle mount, and internal wiring for a telescopic seat pin.

Intense offer Spider 275 in three builds. Foundation costs only $ 2999, but then there is a big jump to the middle and high price segments. The cost will be $ 5650 (Expert assembly) and $ 5999 (PRO assembly), respectively. The Spider 275 can also be bought as a separate frame for $2199.

The bike will be available in the United States and Australia in March 2015.