How to choose a motorcycle by height?

When buying your first motorcycle, you think about a lot — what power will suit me, check the paintwork of the fairings, and whether there are any significant technical defects this year. You are interested in fuel consumption, braking power, and suspension type. But are you interested in whether you will be comfortable with this particular model? That is why, when buying a motorcycle, you should contact a specialized motorcycle store on this site to determine the type of motorcycle, moped, or scooter as quickly as possible.

How to choose a motorcycle by height

This problem mainly affects people of short or tall stature. Yes, this is a bit of a generalization, but in short, it looks like this. Short people (including women) have problems with large motorcycles both in terms of height, weight, and length. The length of the motorcycle also matters. There are real examples when a person driving a CBR 929 wanted to buy something new, but the 1000RR model was too big for her.

Too low

Why do women choose the new generation CB500 or CBR600RR? Because they are compact, lightweight, and relatively small motorcycles. Being 170 cm tall and below is also much more difficult if you like enduro. This motorcycle has a large clearance and a high center of gravity. That’s why some joke that these cars need either a high heel or a small ladder.

If you are short and buy a motorcycle that is too tall, it will be difficult for you, especially with slow maneuvers. When stopping, support yourself with your foot — so that the motorcycle does not roll over and fall. When driving, this problem ceases to matter, because, with increasing speed, the motorcycle becomes more stable.

However, when we have to stop suddenly and our foot does not find support (because usually we only touch with our fingers), the ground is ready, and our beautifully polished motorcycle will lie down on us, in the middle of the intersection.

The same situation can happen when our fingers, instead of hard asphalt, collide with a slippery surface (sand, water on the street, slope) — then balancing on the toes is also much more difficult than on the entire foot to get the ground.

Too high

People of suitable height (usually above 185 cm) complain for another reason. Some of them think they look like a pit bike or a CBR600RR. Why? Because when riding in a tense athletic pose, their knees reach to the elbows. They have little space behind the controls, there is not enough fairing, and the wind hits them with all its force on the torso.

This applies not only to sports bikes, the height of about 190 cm will be too tight on the popular FZ6. So what? Very often you begin to strive for higher opportunities, where there is much more space… but also the struggle begins, with much more power.

How to deal with it?

There is no perfect recipe here, each of us has a slightly different structure and feels completely different riding comfort on different bikes. A test ride before buying a motorcycle will dispel all doubts.

However, there are good sites that allow you to prepare for it much earlier. Because it’s a shame to spend dozens of hours searching for the perfect motorcycle offer that turns out to be too small or too big for you.

Try yourself virtually — Motorcycle ergonomics simulator

Some websites allow you to choose most motorcycles and create your virtual character (indicating your height). Thanks to this, you will be able to test and imagine yourself on a motorcycle — also, this kind of simulator allow you to simulate foot support, as well as putting your feet on the running boards. It will also be possible to check whether it is possible to reach the ground with the whole foot, and, for example, whether there will be knees in the teeth when the motorcycle is too small. One of the best site with many moto model: You just have to enter your parameters and you will see, how good bike for you or not.